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New Lanterna LP, CD and download #1 on Echoes Radio and NACC's Chill Chart

06 August, 2021

Lanterna - Hidden Drives is now available on blue translucent vinyl, CD and high-quality download through our site.  Nationally syndicated Echoes Radio named the record "July Echoes Album of the Month."  Hidden Drives has received high praise across the board at press and radio.  It is currently the #1 album in the NACC (North American College & Community) radio Chill Chart.  Very exciting stuff for Lanterna's first album in six years!

New Lanterna album coming soon!

13 January, 2021

It's 2021 and boy do we need some uplifting music.  The instrumental group Lanterna will have a new album for us late this spring.  We'll have vinyl, CDs and downloads ready for ya soon!

MAKE SOME QUIET - 15 Years of Badman

08 November, 2013

Make Some Quiet – 15 Years of Badman 

On December 10th, 2013, Badman Recording Co. will release a two-and-a-half-hour digital compilation of selections culled from its catalog.  It’s been fifteen years since Badman Recording Co. pulled together its first releases out of a flat in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.  Founder Dylan Magierek often recorded bands in the 1904 house— and it was there that he came up with the wild notion of starting a label to get this stirring music out to folks. The compilation will be available through digital distributors worldwide.  It includes tracks from My Morning Jacket, STRFKR, Low, Hayden, the innocence mission, Mark Kozelek, Lisa Germano, Lovers... and two new tracks from upcoming albums from n.Lannon and Lanterna.

Track list:

  1. STRFKR - Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second (from Starfucker)
  2. Nyles Lannon - Dreamer (from his forthcoming album)
  3. Lovers - Oh Yeah (from A Friend in the World)
  4. Kyle Andrews - Get Mad (from Find Love, Let Go)
  5. Lovers - Peppermint (from Dark Light)
  6. The Builders and the Butchers - Poison Water (from Western Medicine)
  7. Weinland - God Here I Come - (from La Lamentor)
  8. Hayden - Woody (from Elk-Lake Serenade)
  9. the innocence mission - Lake Shore Drive (from We Walked in Song)
  10. Patrick Park - Lucky Ones (from Come What Will)
  11. STRFKR - German Love (from Starfucker)
  12. The Bell - Tell Us You're Sorry (from Great Heat)
  13. Lovers - Wander Through the Time of Hearts (from A Friend in the World)
  14. Clairvoyants - The Hungry Ghosts (fromYour New Boundaries)
  15. Lanterna - Resigned (from their upcoming album)
  16. Pleasant Grove - Only a Mountain (from The Art of Leaving)
  17. Call and Response - Silhouette (from Winds Take No Shape)
  18. Lisa Germano - ...and so on (from No Elephants)
  19. James William Hindle - Silence (from Town Feeling)
  20. Nyles Lannon - The Catch (from Chemical Friends)
  21. Misc. - In a Studio of Keepsakes (from Happiness is Easy)
  22. The Builders and the Butchers - Black Elevator (from Dead Reckoning)
  23. The Red Thread - Wax Museum - (from A Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Sea)
  24. Mark Mallman - True Love (from Mr. Serious)
  25. Aina Haina - I Can't Feel You Anymore (from Aina Haina)
  26. ill lit - Diner Girls (from WACMusic)
  27. My Morning Jacket - Cobra (from Chocolate and Ice)
  28. Mark Kozelek - Ruth Marie (from Rock 'N' Roll Singer)
  29. the innocence mission - Sweep Down Early (from Befriended)
  30. Low - Back Home Again (from Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver)
  31. Don Peris - Ranger (from The Old Century)
  32. Red House Painters - I'm Sorry (from Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver)


19 October, 2013

Yes, it's true.  We made just 103 copies of STRFKR's (Starfucker) full-length version of Jupiter on ORANGE 180 gm. vinyl.   This color sold out in a day, but is available in black 180 gram vinyl.  GET IT:

The album is now finally available in the U.S. on CD.  The track listing is the same as the LP- which adds three tracks to the original Jupiter CD.   This is available through the Badman site NOW and in stores on November 19th.  GET IT:

New Color Pattern for My Morning Jacket - Chocolate and Ice!

31 May, 2013

 We've just received a new splatter pattern for My Morning Jacket's classic 40 minute "EP" Chocolate and Ice.  These are limited to 1,000 copies and look sooooo nice!  They incorporate transparent purple and blue mixed with opaque purple and blue over milky clear (not considered clear vinyl, so the quality is higher) vinyl.  $16.99 with shipping included.

The Builders and the Butchers - Western Medicine 

02 May, 2013

We are very pleased to present an epic album from The Builders and the Butchers!  On The Builders and the Butchers' record, Western Medicine, they set off to create an album that built layers around the already powerful electrified-folk sound they have honed over the years.  They spent nearly a full month in the studio with producer/engineer Dylan Magierek (STRFKR, Mark Kozelek, Lovers) to fully explore the dark and twisted terrain that became Western Medicine.  Influenced largely by the post-apocalyptic writing of Cormac McCarthy, the new album delves deep into epic sonic territory that The Builders had yet to venture.

“The Builders and the Butchers’ fifth album is largely influenced by the postapocalyptic literature of Cormac McCarthy, and it shows: Western Medicine is just as cheerless as The Road. But the Butchers have always been at their best when relating tales of a world gone aflame, and Medicine hardly deviates from the doom and gloom of the band’s past efforts. The slow-burning opener, “Blood Runs Cold,” and the banjo-burgeoning “Watching the World” squirm with the group’s signature brooding despair. Other tracks, such as “The Snow” and “Pennies in the Well,” carry the same weight amid a cannonade of western guitar and Morricone-style trumpet. Despite the dreariness, the commanding “Redemption Sound” and the honky-tonk closer, “Take Me Home,” offer stirring relief in a dirty, gospel-like fashion, more apt for the aging saloons of Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels than No Country for Old Men. Still, there’s a certain beauty in
darkness, and the Butchers play it well.” - Willamette Week

ORDER NOW ON CD for $12.99.


And with every LP order, we'll throw in a free four song promo EP that includes Barcelona, Vampire Lake and two more tunes.  Contact us for LP orders outside the U.S.  Check out a track or two from Western Medicine at:

Upcoming albums for 2013

19 April, 2013



New Lisa Germano Album!

15 December, 2012

Lisa Germano - "No Elephants"


We are excited to release a new album from seminal artist Lisa Germano. Lisa is known to a worldwide fan cult for a series of savagely honest and musically intrepid solo albums that commenced in the early '90s for the 4AD label, including the cynical debut Happiness in 1994 and the sexual-warfare-running-amok Geek the Girl, also from '94 (which was included in Spin's top 100 records of the 1990s). Also known as a multi-instrumentalist with such diverse artists as Eels, David Bowie, Crowded House, Philip Selway (Radiohead), Indigo Girls, John Mellencamp and Giant Sand. Like her other nine albums, no elephants is made like a book to read to the end. There is foreshadowing from melodies and ideas that weave the record's story together, and it takes time and imagination from the reader/listener. Few people these days take the time to make or listen to an album created as a whole piece, but no elephants is short and worthy of the attention paid. "Making a record any other way doesn't work for me," she says.

no elephants is AVAILABLE NOW!  Lisa will be touring the U.S. and Europe later this Spring.

Stream the full album at:

The Bell New Mini-Album: Your Fair Share of The Bell

25 April, 2012

Sweden's The Bell, have returned with an excellent new mini-album entitled Your Fair Share of The Bell.  The seven song mini-album sounds like a solid accompaniment to their previous standout Great Heat.  The album is available via digital download only and is a featured title on iTunes New and Noteworthy.  

Buy it here:

{The song} “Holiday” may be hyperactive in their gyration and poise, “23 Seconds” is more scenester parklife contemplation that moves as slow as a Sunday afternoon. Their ethereal pop is as dreamy as it comes." -

Starf*cker Jupiter Full-Length "Re-issue"

05 December, 2011

In 2011, Starfucker, went back to the studio to add some fresh touches to their 2009 mini-LP, Jupiter. By the end of the sessions the band added on three tunes and turned it into a full-length album. These additional tracks are ones that singer-founder Josh Hodges had originally placed in Jupiter’s song sequence a few years back. The new tunes are “Cemetery,” “Queen Latifah” and “Jamie.” This updated version of Jupiter is re-mastered and now has 11 songs, new mixes and new artwork. It is available on 180 gram vinyl through and at your favorite music store.  It is out now on digital sites including iTunes in North America. And get it here on vinyl: