TENTS - Medicine CD

We are pleased to announce the new release  of Portland-based band TENTS' album Medicine!!

A surprising departure from Northwest-based indie pop, Portland’s TENTS serve up neighborhood nostalgia with a slant. Melancholy is a theme, both musically and lyrically, but the music doesn’t dwell on pain. Thick harmonies and bouncy grooves float the listener towards jubilance.

"Many bands aim to find the perfect balance of pensive sadness and jubilant optimism, but TENTS is one of the very few that can actually claim they've succeeded. And the success goes beyond this title track; the rest of Medicine is delightful, offering listeners a collection as thoughtful as it is delightful." - The 405

Check out the first single, "Medicine," here:  https://www.thefourohfive.com/music/article/feel-good-portland-group-tents-tease-new-album-with-a-dose-of-delightful-medicine-405-premiere-156

TENTS is a family band. Vocalists Amy and Brian are partners and parents. They are joined by Guitarist/producer Chris Hall, and most recently by Joe Greenetz (Sherwood) on drums and Matt Taylor (Motion City Soundtrack) on bass.  Also an audiovisual experiment, many of their songs are written like a soundtrack to videos they make. They produce a Youtube series called “Making Medicine” in which they document said experiments.

Magic spouts effortlessly through this music. It feels like a bunch of kids laughing and shouting from the recesses of a playground, inviting the cynics and the skeptics and the wallflowers to join the fun.

“Finding light in the darkness, Tents strive to capture the sanctity they've found in each other and share it with the listener." - Amazon

Watch a video for their song "Cashmere" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHen-EbPWdw

Here’s a link to the TENTS artist page on Spotify:  

$ 10.99