the innocence mission - Befriended

Arguably their best work to date, their new album, Befriended, is a haunting collection of 10 songs that features the interplay of Don's gorgeously warm and shimmering electric guitars with Karen's transcendently lovely vocals and moving lyrics. CD and high-quality 320 mbps digital download available through our site.

NPR Day to Day Music Review of befriended by Alex Chadwick:

NPR Top 10 Albums of 2003

 “Befriended is a bucolic, nuanced bit of Sunday morning coffee-and-wistfulness, lovingly strummed acoustic guitars (augmented by the occasional organ line, sparingly applied upright bass, and light, flickering drums), rolling out time-tested chords with unwavering earnestness, revisiting the sweet, confessional early-70s folk of Joni Mitchell and the late-80s lilt of the Sundays and Cocteau Twins.” Amanda Petrusich, Pitchfork (7.6)


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