the innocence mission - sun on the square LP, CD and Download

We are very excited to announce a new album from the beloved band the innocence mission.  Sun on the Square is now officially available in stores.   This is their first album with Badman since 2010's My Room in the Trees

For listeners of the innocence mission, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania trio are beyond a favorite band, more like a beloved companion, such is their intensity and fragility of their sound and vision, spearheaded by Karen Peris’ heartbreaking, breathtaking voice. Those fans include Sufjan Stevens and Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), who have both covered innocence mission songs, and in whose company the trio deserve to be bracketed.

"All I cannot say I hope you know, all you cannot say I hope I can hear," sings Karen Peris on "Look Out from Your Window," the strong, circular, and somewhat quirky third track from the innocence mission's latest album, Sun on the Square. These lines, possibly spoken to her children -- one of whom actually plays viola on the song-- could be called emblematic for the album. 

In their own way, Karen and her husband and fellow guitarist, Don Peris, have spent years trying to voice the inexpressible. Since forming the innocence mission in 1985 with Mike Bitts, upright bassist and friend from their Catholic high school, the dreamy, orchestral folk band have spent ten full-lengths speaking to our collective memory and awe at life’s mysteries. Their songs are full of sensory imagery and deeply felt instrumentation, and it's their unique way of trying to approach universal joys and sorrows that allows the band to achieve the emotional connection with their listeners that makes them so special.

"As always, Don Peris’ gorgeously textured guitar tones complement Karen Peris’ soft-spoken phrasing to create a melody that’s simultaneously gentle and powerful. Less expected is the rich string section on this one, which washes the song in another layer of reverberating warmth. “Look Out From Your Window” is the kind of song that will make you nostalgic for life’s sweeter, simpler moments." - Stereogum

“Exquisite… Evoking Bookends–era Simon & Garfunkel and Vashti Bunyan, Karen Peris’s voice is an instrument of tender fragility.” MOJO – 4 Stars ****

“…otherworldly and entwined, enchanting and gripping. Fragile and idiosyncratic masterpieces like "Records From Your Room", which sits somewhere between Vashti Bunyan, Leonard Cohen and Nico, "Look Out From Your Window" which is reminiscent of Victoria Williams' and Rickie Lee Jones' harmonies and - like a deadly wound - "Light Of Winter" with its orchestral ornaments can be found nowhere else currently.” Max Gosche - Rolling Stone Germany

"A most welcome return, from a truly treasured act, ‘Green Bus’ is an utterly captivating next-step in the innocence mission’s journey, in all the ways we’ve come to expect, and more so. Just like the steady passing of time, just like the world itself.” - Gold Flake Music UK

“They do delicate late 1960s / early 1970s folk–rock as well as anyone, and offer a message of hope in dark times.” London Sunday Times

Karen Peris' gift for melodic subtlety manifests itself on a number of highlights like "Green Bus" and the more expansive "Shadow of the Pines," two songs that dance nimbly between the dark and light places where emotions are most vulnerable. Poignant and poetic, she builds evocative vignettes out of seemingly simple scenes, describing with surprising richness the movements of her brother in the dusty afternoon light of the title song. The arrangements on these ten tracks are somewhat denser and more intricate than on the band's previous few outings, relying on rich string arrangements, horns, reverberating piano thrums and even a handful of clamorous drums - All Music Guide

“Disarmingly delicate folk–pop… Refreshingly otherworldly.” Uncut

Sun on the Square is available on CD, very limited edition Coke Bottle Green LP (with digital download card) and as high-quality 320 kbps MP3s. 

 The CD is $12.99 (plus shipping). The LP is $20.99 (which includes shipping to U.S. addresses) and digital download is $8.99. 

The album can also be ordered through on-line retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play:

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