My Morning Jacket- Chocolate and Ice- Original Pressing Brown and Yellow SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT.  Another classic from the Louisville, KY outfit that continue to defy categorization: My Morning Jacket Chocolate and Ice in brown and yellow swirled colored vinyl, $10.00 (see note below) with shipping included to U.S. addresses. Chocolate and Ice EP on CD also available! 

We have noticed that many of this specific brown/yellow original version have not retained great fidelity and thus we are selling them primarily for the collectible nature of its color scheme.  The LP has a slight film on it - likely from being placed into the vinyl jacket while still being hot off the press.  We'd like you to know what you are purchasing before you receive it.  If you are looking for the best in fidelity it would be wise to choose one of our other color variations of this title. 

We ship all LPs in new, perfect condition.  Each LP is packed in double 12" cardboard and placed in an LP specific cardboard mailer.  USPS does occasionally bang up our boxes.  Though we take great care in packing your LPs, we cannot be responsible for damage that occurs in route to your address.  If you would like your vinyl to be taken out of it's jacket so seams are less likely to split in rough mail handling, please send us a reply with that info to your order confirmation e-mail.  For international orders, choose "International LP" during checkout. Mahalo.


Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.