Nyles Lannon n.Lannon - Falling Inside

Falling Inside, Film School’s guitarist-songwriter Nyles Lannon (formerly N. Lannon) third solo album, available in June on Badman Recording Co., combines the sound of classic folk pop like Simon & Garfunkel and Elliott Smith with the chillwave bliss of Washed Out and Boards of Canada.  The eleven tracks float with droney atmospheres and electronic textures.

Right out of the gates, the ska-like syncopation of “Kill All These Machines” proves how difficult it is to pigeonhole him as a singer/songwriter.  n.Lannon, a moniker for Film School’s guitarist-songwriter Nyles Lannon, juxtaposes sparse acoustic guitar with samples from old records of Persian music, a spare 808 bass drum and backwards guitars to create a thumping electro-folk backdrop for his soft vocal melodies. Standout “Dreamer” is built on his signature blend of acoustic guitar and synths, which is as fresh as ever.  With spacey atmospheres and blurry melodic lines, his songs seem to always live in the twilight of a dream. “The song is about being manipulated by a non-dreamer,” Lannon explains. “We get preyed upon sometimes and we find ourselves hanging out with the wrong people, in bad relationships, being influenced by bad advisors, schemers. We are heavily influenced, we are trusting, and we learn things the hard way. Ultimately though, we see things for what they are, we keep dreaming, and we heal and move on.”

Seattle station KEXP has picked the song “Dreamer” as their Podcast Song of the Day. “Lannon’s ambient experiences run throughout “Dreamer”, an energetic, psychedelic stomper. As Lannon whispers “I’m just a dreamer” during the songs hazy bridge, it feels like a culmination of the tension between the percussive rhythms and ethereal textures, augmenting each other to form something as direct as it is hypnotic.” - KEXP Radio

Paste Magazine referred to n.Lannon’s previous album Chemical Friends as “the aural equivalent of receiving a full-body massage outdoors at twilight in a gently pulsing mid-summer shower while R2-D2 recites Shakespearean sonnets to you in his unintelligible but comforting robotic chirp.” Chemical Friends, earned "Best Album of the Year" from the San Francisco Bay Guardian and "Best Folktronica Artist" from SF Weekly.

Check out the video for "Kill All These Machines": https://vimeo.com/118978063 

Album download is 320kbps (highest quality MP3).  Due to its size, it is manually delivered within 12 hours from your order placement as a Zip file along with cover art.