TENTS - Deer Keeps Pace CD

Badman is very happy to announce the arrival of a new member to the family:  TENTS is a Portland based comfort-pop quartet currently touring in support of their forthcoming full-length Deer Keeps PaceMagic spouts effortlessly through this music. It feels like a bunch of kids laughing and shouting from the recesses of a playground, inviting the cynics and the skeptics and the wallflowers to join the fun.

The title track from their debut LP Deer Keeps Pace depicts a wild animal playfully running in stride with an old station wagon. The deer is a commentary on the constant threads in life. The ideas, feelings, and moments that stick with us and carry us through.

TENTS built this record piece by piece as a crew in their backyard studio. More often than not, their songs are written live during stretches of deep studio time, improvising and responding intuitively to one another.

Lead track "Backyards" received commercial airplay on Portland, OR's KINK FM.  KINK named TENTS "Artist of the Week."

"2018 debut release from Portland, Oregon based comfort-pop quartet delivers positive energy that radiates in the wake of tribulations and setbacks. Songwriter Brian Hall was a successful advertising composer, but became disenfranchised with creating corporate culture and walked away in search of renewal. He recruited his wife Amy to accompany him on backing vocals in pursuit of a more enriching outlet together, aided by a local guitarist and drummer, and the quartet took to improvising in their backyard studio creating an oasis of joy for it's members. Finding light in the darkness, Tents strive to capture the sanctity they've found in each other and share it with the listener." - Amazon

"[Amy's] background harmonies seem to echo a response to lead swooner Brian Hall’s optimistic, high visions of warmth and love unhindered. His own nonchalant, coffee sipping swagger carries a subtly-smooth country rhythm that gently layers with an underlying sense of melancholic fuzz." - All Things Go

Watch their video for "Back Yards": https://youtu.be/GRUfFuIYmfA

$10.99 CD

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$ 10.99