the innocence mission - My Room in the Trees CD and Download

My Room in the Trees was originally released in 2010. The visual title feels like an extension of the album's lyrics, which often evoke feelings of solitude and images of the natural world. Sonically, the album progresses along the path begun with Birds of My Neighborhood, spacious and warmly grounded with baritone and nylon string guitars and upright bass, and lit from above by electric guitar and piano. Songs include the cinematic opening "Rain", "North American Field Song", and "The Happy Mondays"- a strangely beautiful song about searching for connectedness and shared experiences, recorded mostly live in the Peris' home, it is also a celebration of an everyday walk home from school, when "the clouds of Pennsylvania break apart". 

“Luxuriously hushed and as moving as a Nick Drake record sung by Joni Mitchell, My Room is another remarkable gem.” – The Big Takeover

"These songs are typically thoughtful, impressionistic statements of unwavering faith, quiet determination, and an almost childlike sense of wonder." - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"They’re all about doing more with less, and letting faint echoes and whispers lead listeners into the alluringly calm world of The Innocence Mission, where every shady spot on the grass is its own wonderland." - The Onion


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